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Started Late But Doing Great!

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I am a first year Project Manager in an elementary school.  Unlike many of the other project managers, I did not get to participate in the trainings and preview days many schools had before school started, so I am learning it all as I go.  My Program Director has been AH-MAZING!  I started my CIS journey two weeks after school started so you can only imagine the whirlwind so far.  Apparently, I look a lot like the previous project manager so when the kids came to say hello and get a big hug my first week, I had NO idea who the kids were (I do now, though!) but they “knew” me!  I played along, at first, but they all certainly know who I am now.

My fourth week into it, I have about 31 students on my case load and many more to bring into the program.  Learning all their names has been challenging but I surprised myself with how fast I am learning.  My first field trip with the students is next Friday, so I cannot wait for that experience.  Many of the kids stop by to chat almost every day and I love that they can confide in me and are so willing to ask for help.

I cannot believe it is already October and although this semester has barely started, before we know it, it will be all over!  My personal goal is to have all the kids’ names down by the end of this month.   It’s pretty tough when I enroll new kiddos almost every day.  As a new CIS employee, I am blown away with everything I have seen so far from the kids, faculty at my school and other CIS staff.  It has been a great start to my CIS journey and I know it will continue to get better and better!

Gabrielle Solis

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