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As the CEO at Communities In Schools I have the great good fortune of knowing some of the most dedicated young professionals in our community. They are the social workers of CIS. I hear them talk about the students and families they are serving and I even get to meet some of our students. Bottom line, on occasion I have the honor of being up-close-and-personal with the work of CIS. I can see the day-to-day work and have a feel for the difference it is making, not just statistically or in hard outcomes, but in the lives of students and family members. This is here & now stuff… is real and inspiring work.

Occasionally though, I see first hand the longer-term transformation of a CIS student over a period of several years. One such student was a student at a Fort Worth high school a few years ago. I met her because of her extraordinary story and success. She lived for most of her time in high school in a homeless shelter here in Fort Worth with her mother, father and a younger sibling. She was picked up in the morning in front of the shelter by a school bus and dropped off at the end of the school day. I’m sure you can imagine as well as I can, the grief she must have taken from her fellow students. All of her worldly belongings fit inside a steel locker that was about a foot wide. She said that when visitors toured the shelter she felt like an animal at a zoo.

To say that she had low self-esteem would be a pretty giant understatement. As she walked, her head was always down and her arms hung lifelessly at her side, she didn’t look anybody in the eye and she would only respond to people when absolutely necessary. When she graduated from high school, I was really proud of her. When she went on the Tarrant County College, I was really proud of her. When she earned her Associates Degree, I was REALLY proud of her. Now she is a junior at UTA majoring in social work and she is doing her first internship here at CIS and doing a great job……proud, proud, proud of her. But do you know what is the most obvious and striking difference between now and when I first met her? Confidence! Genuine confidence in who she is and where she is going. I see her walk down the hall and her posture is straight, her head is up, she greets people when she sees them and she stretches out her hand to meet new people. She is growing into a mature, successful professional.

For me, she epitomizes the most significant and lasting accomplishment of CIS. She has changed her family tree forever. When she has her own family, it will be on a different pathway than the one she grew up on. Expectations for her own kids will be completely different and that difference means that her kids will be very unlikely to need the help of a program like CIS. Proud, proud, proud of her!

– Mike Steele, CEO

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