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What Motivates Me

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What motivates me, you might ask?  As the chief fundraiser for CIS, there are many reasons why I look forward to coming to work every day.  I love our mission and what we do to support the community we serve.  I also feel a great sense of loyalty toward the kids we work with.  The service we provide is a necessity.  I feel confident that in the years to come, CIS will have a presence in every school in Tarrant County, working on behalf of at-risk students.

I’m also incredibly impressed with our staff, especially the hard-working program managers located inside the 37 schools we are serving this year.  When I get the opportunity, I like to remind our staff that we are able to raise money because of the wonderful work they do every day.  Day in and day out they come to work to help our students find the motivation to stay in school.  When you hear some of the heart-wrenching stories from our students and truly understand the obstacles they face, you seriously want to go home and cry.  You wonder how our staff continues this good fight and never gives up on a single student.  I know it’s because of the relationships they have built with their students.  Our program managers recognize that they are the glue that keeps students connected to school.  Without the presence of our program managers inside the schools each day, the students we serve would likely become overwhelmed and unmotivated to come to school.  What a major responsibility our program managers have and all I can say is THANK YOU!

Finally, without a doubt, we have the best board of directors in our community.  They are the most dedicated, smartest and energetic board I have ever worked with.  I feel honored to work along side them to do the good work of CIS.  A non-profit is only as strong as its board of directors.  I can enthusiastically tell you that CIS is a strong and efficient organization and that is, in large part, due to the wonderful and dedicated board members and volunteers who offer their time and support to CIS.

This is what motivates me.  I can go home every night and know I work for an organization that makes the world a better place.

— Yvette Hanshaw, VP & Chief Development Officer, Communities In Schools

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