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Texas Association of Business Endorses Communities In Schools

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Communities In Schools was recently endorsed by the Texas Association of Business (TAB). TAB represents over 3,000 business members and has been the state’s most influential business association for over 85 years in both Austin and Washington. Along with endorsing CIS, TAB is also asking legislators to “increase funding for CIS during the 83rd Legislative Session.”

Communities In Schools works to prevent students in Tarrant County from dropping out of school by placing licensed social workers into schools to have critical interventions with students most at risk. They have a 98% success rate and helped over 23,000 students last year alone. Bill Hammond, President and CEO of TAB, stated that CIS “has historically reduced absenteeism, modified high risk behaviors, engaged parents, and increased promotion and graduation rates, unlike any other program. In reality, there is no other comprehensive education related non-profit group which is as outcome oriented and reputable as CIS.”

Hammond also expressed his belief that CIS is “driven toward long term gains- converting prospective tax users into prospective tax payers.” This coincides with information recently released by Mike Steele, President and CEO of CIS, explaining that for the first time research has been able to provide a numerical figure to these long term gains, and for every dollar invested into CIS the quantified economic return is $13.30. In addition to endorsing CIS, TAB has also included CIS in their 2013 Legislative Priorities Booklet found on their website at Recognition of CIS’s success by this prestigious professional organization is an honor, and CIS looks forward to the positive results from their support in legislation.


To learn more about Communities In Schools you can visit our website at

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