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School Begins at Sherrod Elementary

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It’s a new year here at Sherrod Elementary and I could not be more excited! I am fairly new to Communities In Schools. I started late in the 2011-2012 school year, so this will be my first full school year with CIS. I absolutely love the school I have been placed at. Sherrod truly does function as a family unit. The students are bright, hard working, and actually excited to be at school! The teachers and staff at Sherrod have been so warm and welcoming. They have bent over backwards to make sure I have everything I need to serve their students. I am excited about all the opportunities this year will bring. Beginning school at the end of last year didn’t leave time to accomplish all I had hoped to before summer. I assured myself that I would soon have an entire school year to plan and implement all these wonderful ideas for the CIS program at Sherrod! Now the time has come to put my plan in to action and I am so excited about all the new opportunities!

When I came to Sherrod last year I was told time and time again, “You were the missing piece of the puzzle.” This school has a large support staff working night and day to serve their students. We have instructional facilitators to assist and empower teachers in the classroom, a parent liaison that does wonders getting parents involved in the school, as well as a behavioral specialist, special education counselor and a wonderful enrichment team. Despite the schools many strengths and resources, the students were still in need. Many of Sherrod’s students struggle with hunger, homelessness, violence, abuse, poverty, and numerous other barriers that influence their education. In my first days of work, I was called to help two separate homeless families find resources in their community. While talking with one family who was living in a hotel, I couldn’t help but think of the children living in that situation. Most of us can’t imagine not having the security of our own bed to sleep in at night or our own home to go to. Despite what these children were dealing with, they were still coming to school expected to focus and learn every single day. I quickly saw why I was the missing piece! I hope this year to have the time, patience, and discipline to serve as many students and families as I can.

-Christina Turner, LBSW

Project Manager

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