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I am a Communities In Schools Board Member and a member of the CIS State Advisory Committee. I have been a part of the CIS family for about six years. At a CIS conference in Houston this past January, Bill Milliken author and founder of Communities In Schools expressed his wish that all new hires learn how to weave. The thought being that weaving shows us patterns and in turn we see “our universal interconnectedness”.

Weaving becomes a metaphor for providing the individualized, but interconnected services that our students receive. No two students have the same needs, so CIS social workers use different yarns (provided by our various community partners) woven into different patterns to create a unique fabric for each student to support their success in school.  The results of this interconnected and coordinated way of thinking are amazing, both for kids and for the success of schools. I have met CIS students and seen with my own eyes the life-changing effect of CIS weavers.

Staying in school is more important now than ever before. Smart has become the new rich, which is to say, those with education are increasingly becoming the “haves” in our society. No doubt CIS faces many obstacles but united, weaving the strengths of our community’s fabric, we can unlock the potential of every child that needs our help… thread at a time.

Catherine Estrada, CIS Board Member

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