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Chance Meetings

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When I was asked to blog, I thought what can I possibly blog about.  I researched blog sites to find out what others are blogging about and they stated that your blog should be about things that people want to hear.  So… I asked myself what do people really want to hear and I sat there for an hour pondering what types of things people might want to hear.

I came to the conclusion I would speak from my heart.  I have so many things to be GRATEFUL for in life.  I thought I will blog about what I am most grateful for.  Like most people I am grateful for my health, sound mind, wonderful family and friends.  However, when it comes to work I am grateful for our Central office staff.  Our Business Operations Manager who ensures that WE are paid monthly and all our bills are paid, our Data Entry staff ensures that all student data is entered into the CIS system so that we have measurable outcomes at the end of each school year. Our Community Health Workers make sure that all of the children screened through the Save a Smile Dental Program are seen by a volunteer dentist. I am SO grateful for our dedicated group of Social Workers who work tirelessly to help our students and their families navigate this crazy thing we call life. I’m also grateful for our DEDICATED board members who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty making sure that annual campaigns are met, donating collared shirts for school uniforms and prom dresses for the young ladies in our program who otherwise might not have been able to attend prom due to lack resources.  I’m grateful for the relationships that we have with the School Superintendents, Principals, teachers and other key school personnel.  I’m grateful to our wonderful partners such as Wells Fargo, Girls Incorporated, Tarrant Area Food Bank just to name a few and a countless army of individuals who give their undivided time and attention to the children in our program.

Lastly, I am grateful for chance meetings.  Approximately 12 years ago, I met Mike Steele while I was working as a bank teller at Nations Bank.  He frequented the branch I worked at dropping off CIS deposits.  One day I asked what type of agency is CIS?  He told me it was a social service agency employing all social workers who worked with at-risk students trying to help them succeed in school.  He told me to apply; I promptly told him I was relocating to San Antonio to pursue my Master’s Degree in Social Work.  But after visiting my choice college in SA, I realized UTA was a much better financial fit. I decided to give CIS a whirl, and for that chance meeting, I am very grateful.  If it hadn’t been for that meeting, I would not be working in a job that I absolutely love…..I will be eternally grateful for that chance meeting with Mike.

Myra McGlothen, Vice President
Chief Program Officer

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  1. I am grateful for Myra McGlothen

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